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Colors of the Year Wheeling

Nothing changes our mood like a change of color, be it in our homes, on our ourselves, or with our vehicles. Changing colors in the home offers a chance for renewal and a freshening of the interior (or exterior) landscape. The foremost paint companies know this, so every year, they expend a great deal of energy analyzing public mood, and then develop a palette that marks the trends for the year. It's a bit tricky with so many companies announcing "colors of the year," so you can certainly take your pick of these many sumptuous colors for your home listed among Wheeling homes for sale.

The color trend developers understand the prevailing mood this past year was influenced by comforting colors. However, that's not to say color trend artists aren't willing to make bold predictions for livening things up.

While the style of your home will obviously affect your choice of colors, it's fun to shop paint colors among the major manufacturers. The colors are beautiful and inspiring, and you're sure to get some good ideas for your home. Here's a list of some of the major colors to check out for your home in 2021.

  1. Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore.
    Selected by Benjamin Moore as its Color of the Year, Aegean Teal marries blue's natural tranquility with the wellness aspect of green, while a gray undertone ties both together and gives the new color a calming aspect. Benjamin Moore's color marketing and development manager says the color invites reflection and taking a moment to "reset." This calm color is ideal for bedrooms and home offices but might also serve well on kitchen cabinets. Other notable Benjamin Moore colors this year are Grey Cashmere, Muslin, Rosy Peach, and Potters Clay. 
  2. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow by Pantone.
    Designated the "ultimate authority" on color by Better Homes and Gardens, Pantone is not a paint company but a company best known for its color matching system. Pantone describes Ultimate Grey as "enduring," and the yellow color as "vibrant." Used together, they present a striking contrast. Ultimate Grey makes a great neutral foundation color, while Illuminating is perfect for furniture, accents, and other bold splashes of color.
  3. Earthy Tones (Jitney, Dead Salmon, and India Yellow) by Farrow & Ball.
    English paint company Farrow & Ball is designating paint color trends in four categories for 2021: Rich and Warm; Clean and Timeless Blues; Lush, Leafy colors with gray undertones; plus Earthy Tones. The latter offers an alternative to white but retains an aged quality that makes them just right for neutral spaces. 
  4. Passionate by Sherwin-Williams
    Sherwin-Williams went the daring route for 2021 with its color of the year: Passionate, a saturated, rich red that offers a dramatic about-face from the stark whites and neutrals of ultra-modern homes of recent years. S-W is marketing Passionate as a color to have fun with. It's included in S-W's palette of 10 Delightfully Daring Color Collection, all designed to be paired with one another. 
  5. Colors of the Year by Valspar.
    Paint company Valspar chose 12 muted shades for 2021 as their colors of the year. There's Soft Candlelight, Arizona Dust, Garden Flower, Lucy Blue, Dusty Lavender, and more. These warm, calming hues were chosen for their meditative quality. Cozy or elegant, these versatile colors also complement each other.

Need some color tips for your Belleville home? Our real estate agents can help. Contact us today.

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