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Listing Your Home In Spring

Flowers, gardening, graduations, Memorial Day Weekend. All are things that identify with the month of May. In May, people are finally ready to move forward with warmer weather, leaving the cold, snow, and grey, rainy days in the dust. It's time for warmth, sunshine, and bright sunny skies.

For many, the time to either downsize or get more space has been swirling around in a lot of people's heads. They have been thinking of it and kept saying that you would "wait until spring." Well, guess what? Spring is here and now is the time to finally start your new adventure by selling your current home.   

So how do you even start this whole process of preparing your house to be sold? It sounds petty tiring right, especially if you don't even know where to start! How about letting the experienced Realtors at First Choice Realtors help you out! We want to help you get the upper hand on preparing your home to be put on the market.

We know you love your current home and have likely made a lot of great memories in it. Maybe you grew up in it, raised a family in it or have spent precious time there with friends and family.

With so many memories attached to your home, it can be easy to believe that your home is worth more than it actually is. A common mistake that homeowners make when they sell their home is over-valuing it and pricing it too high. Our experienced Realtors at First Choice Realtors can help you determine how to price your home. They'll consider recent home sales and current market conditions to figure out a good price point to attract buyers and bring in offers.

Our agents at First Choice Realtors are also great listing agents who will work hard to sell your house! We would not only handle you listing agreement, but we would also help you create your agenda to promote and then show and sell your home. In addition, we will make sure your home doesn't spend too much time on the market.

The first step is to de-clutter and de-personalize your home. That flowery wallpaper in your master bedroom that you applied yourself may years ago is so pretty, right? You may adore it, but will your buyer? Perhaps removing that paper and having a fresh coat of a new neutral paint color will give that room an entirely different feel and look. You should remove distinctive personal touches in your home too, like bright painted rooms and mementos. By doing this, it will allow the potential buyer to envision themselves in your home which often will lead to a higher selling price and less time spent on the market.

Some other additional tips are to re-decorate with as much generic appeal as possible. Use neutral colors on the walls. Use modern furniture, which gives it a fresh, young look. Pack up your family photos (which may make you feel sad, but you can put them back out in your new place.) Remove clutter from counter tops in the kitchen, to create a bigger room feel. Open all your shades, blinds, or curtains to allow the natural light to shine through. Declutter all rooms as possible, especially bedrooms. Remove all Nic knacks, your kids' toys, and any clothing that may be laying around or in baskets.  Keep them hidden neatly in a closet until potential buyers leave. Basic cleaning helps too: run the sweeper, have absolutely no dirty dishes in the sink, clean all the counter tops, bathroom sinks, tubs/showers and the toilet.  Hang fresh towels. Clean your windows. Light a candle or have essential oil misting to make your home smell clean and fresh. Have animals? A must is to clean the kitty litter box and please tie any animals outside. Or, put in the basement during a tour of your home. 

Touch up additional rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure your kitchen appliances work. If your oven, stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator don't work, please try to get it repaired before your home gets shown. 

Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most important rooms in the home. Clean, updated bathrooms are an absolute must. If any of the plumbing is leaky, schedule necessary repairs immediately. Fresh towels hung add a nice touch too.

Lighting can be a powerful asset when you sell your home – because it can change how a room looks. If your light fixtures aren't updated or energy-efficient, they can make your home look older and smaller. Soft white LED light bulbs are more affordable than ever before and can make your home feel cozier than fluorescent lights. No one wants a dark depressing home.

Roofing problems? This can be expensive to repair. A roof with leaks or missing shingles is likely to scare away many buyers. If you do have the money to repair the roof, it's best to do so before you list your home. If you don't have the money, you can still list your home, but make sure you disclose your roof's condition to the buyer well before closing.

So, now that we are aware of what to do in the interior of the home, let's talk briefly about your home's exterior. After all, it is the first thing they see when they pull up and curb appeal is very important to a potential buyer. A mowed lawn is a must and please make sure you prune your bushes and pull any weeds. Clean out leafy gutters and either wash your outside with warm water and a garden hose or get it power washed in advance. If your front door is peeling with paint, is dirty, or has dirty windows, please consider cleaning it up. As a bonus, try putting flowers or a pretty planter near your front door along with a welcoming "welcome" mat. 

All it takes is some effort you your part to make your home desirable to others. Call First Choice Realtors today and let's get you started!


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