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Some new paint colors can completely reinvigorate your home. Here are some colors to consider this year.

Painting your interior walls is a great way to revamp your decor and give your home a fresh new look. Whether the new look is for you or so you can sell your home, here are some great color choices recommended by our real estate agents.

  • Warm Neutrals
    The minimalist movement has made neutrals popular, but typically with cooler undertones: Think stark whites and cool grays. Warmer neutrals are becoming more popular, however, and easily resolve the issue of making your walls interesting without going overboard. It's no secret that Wheeling homes for sale do better when they don't have loud paint colors such as reds and purples, but that doesn't mean your walls have to be boring, either! Beiges and grays can have a lot of warmth to them, depending on the color's undertone. Even white can be warm, such as in the case with more off-white, ivory, and eggshell-type tones.

  • Interesting Grays
    There is no such thing as just gray! Gray can vary (dare we say) greatly depending on the undertones. A gray can trend toward blue, green, or even take on an earthier tone. Are you planning on selling your home in the next year or two, not so soon that you want to paint the walls a completely neutral tone, but not so distantly that you want to have to repaint before you sell? Opt for a gray with undertones that coordinate well with your decor, and the walls will still be neutral enough to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living there when the time comes to sell.

  • Brown
    Brown may sound boring, but these earthy tones does well as a backdrop in many homes. Like gray, brown can have a range of tones, from reddish browns or cinnamon-like colors, to yellower or paler tans such as sandstone. Brown pairs well with homes that have a lot of natural materials in them, such as wood floors or stone fireplaces. Brown walls can also be a good canvas for just about any other color or seasonal decor you choose, making it perfect if you want to be able to change your decor semi-regularly.

  • Mustard Yellow
    Yellow may seem like too bright a color for the walls, violating the neutrality rule of thumb for a house you're planning on selling and possibly even overwhelming your senses while you're still living there. Fortunately for yellow lovers, there are some shades of yellow that border on neutral tones, making a bright, invigorating color for your walls that stops short of coming on too strong. Mustard yellow is one of these colors. Just a little more yellow than an earthy tone, this color somehow manages to be both cheerful and subdued.

  • Navy
    The rule of painting your walls neutral doesn't always mean you have to avoid color entirely. Navy is a color that still manages to achieve a neutral appearance. Think of slacks and business suits, and how neutral navy can seem there. Navy walls are dark, but when contrasted with light trim and decor, navy can be an attractive color for decorating your home without going overboard.

  • Shades of Green
    Green isn't quite as neutral as navy, but it's quickly becoming a frequently-used color in home decor. Certain shades of green allow you to walk that fine line between neutral decor and interesting amounts of color. For instance, a deep green can provide color without it being overwhelming or overly bright.

Planning to sell your home soon? It's important to consult a professional before you start painting. Contact us today for more information on preparing your home for sale.