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10 Signs You've Outgrown Your Current Home

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Clutter piling up in strange places? Long lines for the bathroom? No room to entertain friends, family, and guests? Whether you purchased your current home with plans to upgrade in the future or you felt at the time that is was all the house you'd ever need, the time has a way of making even the most spacious homes feel a little too cozy eventually. If you're on the fence about whether now is the time to shop for a new home, check out these ten signs from our REALTORS® that you've outgrown your current abode.

Not Enough Home for Your Needs? 

  1. Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Space – We've all been there before. Stairways become shelves, spare rooms become oversized closets, and every storage space in the house seems full. If you're running out of room, it may be time to sell your home and move on to something new.

  2. Evolving Family Needs – Whether you're having kids for the first time or adding another new member to the family, changes to family size are often a strong motivation to shop for a new home.

  3. A Change of Scenery – Do you find yourself visiting another nearby community for fun and entertainment because you enjoy it more there? Have you simply lived in one place long enough that you want to try something new? It may be time to hit the market.

  4. Maintenance, Maintenance Everywhere – Tackling DIY projects around the house can be a great way to spend a day, but a never-ending list of maintenance projects might mean that you've outgrown your current home.

  5. Moving to a New Stage in Life – Have all the kids moved out for college? Are you transitioning into retirement? A new home may better suit your evolving needs.

  6. No Space for Furry Friends – A new pet can be a great way to mix things up, but if you don't have the necessary space things can be tough for you and your furry friends. How about a home with a big yard where Fido can run free?

  7. A Better Space for Entertaining Friends and Family – Do you find yourself turning down opportunities to host family and friends because your current home doesn't have enough space? A new home provides the perfect excuse to entertain to your heart's content.

  8. New Neighbors at Every Turn – Sometimes, new neighbors can provide a welcome change of pace to daily life. But if you look around and find that all of your neighbors are new, it might be time to sell your home and find a new neighborhood yourself.

  9. A Line Outside the Bathroom – Does the morning line for the one bathroom in your house stretch through the hallways and down the stairwell? A new home, with enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the house, can provide a very welcome change to your morning routine.

  10. A Quicker Commute for Work and Play – Have you gotten a new job with a longer commute, or grown tired of commuting a long distance for your current job? Are your favorite attractions, dining spots, and entertainment venues located just a bit too far away? Consider moving to a new home closer to the things that matter most to you.

Are the signs on our list hitting a little too close to home? Our team is here to help you sell your home and find the right new home for your needs. Contact First Choice REALTORS® to buy and sell homes throughout the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

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