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Selling Your Home | 6 Step-by-Step Home Selling Tips

Sell Your Home

Have you decided to sell your home? Whether you're listing a home for the first time or have navigated the process before, there's no doubt that selling a home takes work. Understanding the logistics of selling a house and how to simplify each step will ultimately make the process much easier. Your real estate agent is one of your best resources throughout the process, and our REALTORS® are here to help you take the next steps when you decide to sell your home. Start by reading our guide with six step-by-step home-selling tips.

Follow These 6 Step-by-Step Tips to Simplify the Process

  1. Work with the Right Real Estate Agent – There's no doubt that the first, most important step when you decide to sell your home is finding the right real estate agent because the right agent will simplify every step that follows. When choosing an agent, be sure to ask for referrals from trusted sources, interview multiple agents, and only make your choice when you're sure you've identified the right agent for your needs.

  2. Make Maintenance a Priority – Home shoppers will often have an excellent eye for detail, spotting small maintenance issues that you may have missed or delayed fixing. Whether it's a crooked cabinet, cracked paint, or a leaky faucet, make sure to fix any minor maintenance problems around the home. Big issues, like leaks, termite damage, or structural problems, are best addressed with the help of a professional contractor.

  3. Start with Curb Appeal – You want buyers to be impressed from the moment they arrive at your home, so curb appeal is an absolute must. Start by making sure that your yard is clean, trees/shrubs are pruned, and your lawn is looking as healthy as possible. If your front door could use an update, consider a fresh coat of paint, new fixtures, and potted plants to add some appeal to your home's entrance.

  4. Simple, Smart Staging – An open house is one of your best opportunities to make an impression on buyers, so it's wise to spend some time focusing on staging your home. Start by cleaning from top to bottom, eliminating any unpleasant odors, and removing as much clutter/personal items as possible. When it comes to furnishings for an open house, less is often more. You want buyers to be able to imagine their lives in the home, so simple but appealing staging in a clean, de-cluttered house is the way to go.

  5. Appeal to Online Shoppers – Today, buyers rely on online listings more than ever to shop for the right home, and the right real estate agent will be able to help you maximize the online marketing of your home. Start by using professional photography which accentuates the positives of your home, and gives buyers a clear picture of what they can expect from the property. Make sure that your listing is easy to find on your agent's website, and that your agent is working to promote your home online.

  6. Pick the Right Price – Choosing a price depends on a wide variety of factors, which is why you'll want a comparative market analysis (CMA) from your agent. A CMA will give you an idea of what similar homes in the area have recently sold for, so you can choose a price that gets your home sold.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward selling your home, with the help of an experienced real estate team? We're here to help. Contact First Choice REALTORS® to buy and sell homes throughout the entire northern panhandle of West Virginia.

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Selling Your Home
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